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Neonatal Hypoglycemia
Joseph Junewick, MD FACR
over 9 years ago
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Infrapatellar Plica

Case Detail

Anatomy: Musculoskeletal
Joseph Junewick, MD FACR
Diagnostic Category: Developmental or Congenital
Created: over 10 years ago
Updated: over 10 years ago
Tags: PEDS
Modality/Study Types: MR
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15 year old with pain and swelling.

Case Images


Infrapatellar Plica

Clinical Notes

History of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


MR – Sagittal IR, T1, PW and T2 images demonstrate a hypointentense band extending from the anterior tubercle to the inferior articular surface of the patella. Note the inflammatory change in the suprapatellar bursa related to the patient’s known juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Plicae are embryologic remnants of synovial membranes. Plicae are variable in shape and extent. The most commonly encountered plicae are the suprapatellar, mediopatellar and infrapatellar. The infrapatellar plica is also known as the ligamentum mucosum is the most commonly seen plica. The infrapatellar plica separates the medial and lateral compartments of the knee. The infrapatellar plica is usually thin but often thickens as a result of trauma or inflammation.


Kosarek FJ and Helms CA. The MR appearance of the infrapatellar plica. AJR (1999); 172:481-484.

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